Know your customers better than they know themselves.

Your restaurant business is unique but, there is competition literally around every corner. It’s an increasingly competitive world, businesses are relying more and more on mobile apps and reward programs. How are you setting yourself apart from a sea of customer options?

Location, Location, Location

With LighthousePE’s competitive intelligence functionality, you can discover where else your customers are visiting and learn their dining behaviors. This insightful information can automate your messaging based on each customer's location and behavior in turn, driving more frequent visits and brand loyalty. In short, you’ll be able to exceed your customers' expectations at every turn.

Messaging Options

  • Automated Messaging: Based on the user’s location and behaviors, customers can be prompted to take action right on their smart phone. One example could be when a customer enters a competitor’s area, a push notification can be sent with a specific offer from your business.
  • Manual Messaging: Messages can also be sent manually to every customer, a segment of customers or on a one-to-one basis. For example, when you have a new promotion or dining availability, you can create a push notification within minutes to drive additional visits for incremental revenue.

Create Content and Monitor Real-Time Results

LigthousePE’s beautifully designed dashboard makes it easy to review behavioral data, create new content and monitor results. Plus, it can provide you with other insights such as competitive visits, share of wallet and location heatmapping. The outcomes will create a deeper relationship with each customer and a greater value for both of you.

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