Give Your Clients the Personalized Touch.

When it comes to personal retail services, it’s crucial to know what each client likes and dislikes. After all, the whole reason the customer is there in the first place is so they can receive a distinctively personal experience. Accordingly, your communication with each client needs to be just as distinctive and personal. The question is, how can you achieve this at scale? The answer is LighthousePE.

Build a Relationship with Each Client — All at Once.

LighthousePE enables you to deliver personalized content based on each client’s implicit and explicit behaviors. A push notification signal can be sent to a person, a group or your entire client list. Moreover, you will recognize that personalized content delivered through your app will have a higher conversion rate over other marketing channels.

Book Appointments When You Need To.

One of the major problems facing personal services businesses are holes in their appointment calendars. You already know that’s lost revenue. LighthousePE can solve this problem with its Quick Signals. Simply put, it’s a way to create a customized push notification that is in line with the type of service and the white space time you need to fill. Tapping into the behavioral database, a signal can go to only those clients who are most likely to book the times you have available.

Easily Create Content and Monitor Reat-Time Results.

LighthousePE’s intuitive dashboards and interface make it easy for you to review behavioral data, create custom content, set delivery parameters and monitor the results. The machine-learning engine actively evaluates the impact of your content and optimizes it on the fly. The result will speak for itself.