Hospitality Has a Whole New Meaning.

Welcome every guest with an unforgettable experience curated just for them. LighthousePE for hospitality gathers real-time customer behavior data on each guest, combines it with past behaviors and interest trends, and delivers highly engaging content and local recommendations that are deeply personalized and timely.

Stop talking at your guests and begin delivering the authentically personal experiences that will keep them coming for every visit.

Customize Their Stay

Finding incredible new places to eat and wondrous things to do is equally important to both business and leisure travelers. LighthousePE gives you the ability to make every stay uniquely personal with meaningful content, recommendations, offers and wayfinding, all perfectly tailored to every guest’s preferences and interests. Best of all, our technology integrates with your existing mobile app.

Evaluate and Optimize in Real Time

Give your guests exactly what they want, at the ideal time. Our intuitive dashboards and interface make it simple to create custom content, set delivery parameters and monitor results. Through artificial intelligence, machine learning and customer behavior data, LighthousePE evaluates the impact of your content on mobile user behavior, giving you the insights needed to optimize campaigns in real-time and deliver the results you’re seeking.

Create a VIP Experience

Offer more than the expected level of hospitality with LighthousePE admin tools. The admin app can automatically alert appropriate staff to a guest’s specific app behavior, such as a spa visit or dinner reservation. With more information at your fingertips, hosts and concierge teams can truly deliver an exceptional experience for each guest.

See LighthousePE in Action

Start creating authentically personal guest experiences that build loyalty on a whole new level.

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