One More Visit. One More Hour.One More Loyal Player.

Today’s casino guests expect more—more perks, more attention, more reasons to keep coming back. With LighthousePE, you can market to guests at the individual level, delivering personalized mobile content that makes every player feels like a VIP.

Real-time player data gives your staff the information they need to create timely, high-touch personal experiences. Hosts can be alerted when elite players arrive, and pertinent player data can be displayed on their smartwatch or mobile device. Additionally, managers can track individual and team goals in real-time to improve performance.

Players Want More—And LighthousePE Can Deliver It

Surprise and delight your players with special offers and content that resonates with them. The platform’s Core Engine can consume your player data and analyze patterns in your guests’ gaming behavior, preferences and location history to refine what the platform sends and when it sends it. The longer the platform is running, the more targeted and refined your content becomes.

Exceeding Expectations

Mobile-savvy guests expect a high level of personalization and mobile engagement from brands. LighthousePE’s proximity marketing platform was designed solely to create and deliver exceptional experiences that inspire brand loyalty in a way your competitors can’t.

The Hosts with the Most

LighthousePE can integrate with back-of-house systems to make it easier for hosts to engage players on a more personal basis. Using location data, hosts can be notified as soon as a VIP or other designated player walks in the doors, with an option to display relationship-building player data right on their smartwatch or mobile device.

Create Content and Monitor Real-Time Results

The intuitive dashboards and interface make it easy for you to create custom content, set delivery parameters and monitor the results. LighthousePE actively evaluates the impact of your content on guest behavior and optimizes content on the fly to produce the outcomes you desire.

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