So What IS Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing refers to the use of beacon and geofencing technology to deliver hyper-local marketing messages to mobile devices.

LighthousePE takes proximity marketing technology further than ever before, layering in machine learning and unparalleled flexibility to give brands and customers exactly what they want—more Personalized Engagements with customers, the “PE” in LighthousePE.

Relevant, location-based offer notifications increase the likelihood of redemptions by


Proximity Marketing and the Modern Consumer

Smartphones have transformed the consumer experience. Generalized mobile marketing is no longer enough. The days of mass marketing are behind us—and we have the data to prove it.

Businesses that excel at personalization outsell those that don’t by


Most brands have been slow to embrace this advantage. Even those that have are only leveraging the location data for very simplistic purposes.

With LighthousePE, your marketing will be light years ahead of your competition. And they’ll never see it coming.