How It Works

Intelligent, automated and completely turnkey, LighthousePE is a mobile marketing platform-as-a-service that integrates seamlessly with existing mobile apps.

The platform creates a unique profile for every user, feeding it data from a variety of sources including location, purchase history, loyalty club activity and explicit interests to make its recommendations.

Hyper-Local Location Technology

With beacon accuracy within one meter and geofence accuracy within three, truly localized marketing is now within reach.

Adapts As It Learns

The more data LighthousePE has to work with, the more refined the algorithm’s content suggestions will become over time.

Seamless App Integration

The LighthousePE SDK makes integrating with your existing mobile apps a snap, with most developers up and testing in under two hours. Don’t have an app? We can build one for you.

Easy Content Management System

Our CMS makes it easy to create, edit and manage content on-the-fly, while helping you fine-tune your marketing messages with real-time engagement metrics.

Customizable Dashboard

The platform’s clean dashboard parses the enormous amount of incoming behavioral data, displaying the actionable pieces you need to act on behavioral trends.

Explore Our Market Solutions

LighthousePE is completely adaptable for a variety of industries. Discover some of the ones we are currently working in or talk to us about your unique needs.

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