Start Delivering What Your Customers Really Want

Get to know your customers on a deeper level with next-level proximity marketing. LighthousePE goes beyond simple mobile marketing automation. Using machine learning to connect consumers’ digital and physical worlds, the platform actually learns from an individual’s behavior, preferences and location over time—delivering hyper-targeted content on a true one-to-one basis.

Why lighthousepe?

LighthousePE enables you to

Send Personalized Offers & Experiences

With beacon accuracy within one meter and geofence accuracy within three, truly localized marketing is now within reach.

Make Human-to-Human Connections

Bring consumers’ physical and digital worlds closer than ever with unrivaled personalization.

Optimize Using Real-Time Data

The LighthousePE SDK makes integrating with your existing mobile apps a snap, with most developers up and testing in under two hours. Don’t have an app? We can build one for you.

So your customers can enjoy

Brand Experiences That Speak Directly to Them

Forget one-size-fits-most marketing, customers can now get exactly what they want from you when and where they need it.

Higher Level of Customer Service

Your customers will be thrilled to receive an unparalleled level of personalized engagement with your brand.

Unexpected Perks and Rewards

Surprise and delight customers with special benefits that drive brand loyalty.