About LighthousePE

LighthousePE is the brainchild of an incredibly talented team of marketing and technology experts who saw huge potential in proximity marketing technology outside of enterprise organizations.

Our leading-edge mobile marketing platform-as-a-service is the product of years of industry experience and a shared passion for pushing the limits in everything we do. LighthousePE draws deeply on the models of behavior design and combines these principles with the latest in artificial intelligence, location data, machine learning and mobile behavior analytics. The result is a flexible, adaptable proximity marketing platform that delivers more, learns faster and simply outpaces the competition.

Today, LighthousePE is helping organizations get to know their customers on a one-to-one level while growing revenue and reducing wasted marketing spend. The PE stands for “personalized engagements,” a nod to the evolution of desired brand experiences to one that feels more human and connected than ever before.

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